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Video Marketing Tips – Using the Elements of Attraction to Get More Prospects Automatically!

Getting the most out of video marketing requires utilizing proven factors in successful advertising. Using images that are pleasing to the eye, music that affects emotion and words that generate an emotional reaction are the fundamental elements involved in commercial advertising. This is as true for video marketing as it is for television media.

1. Do Looks Matter? Maybe … & Then Again; Maybe Not

Attractive people sell more products. This does not necessarily mean a person has to film star looks (though it does help) to sell goods. A neat appearance and a pleasant expression combined with other persuasive forms will take your marketing campaign much farther. You will want the people starring in your video to look appropriate for the part.

2. Strike the Right Chord

When using music in your video make sure to get permission from appropriate sources or use music that is royalty-free. Tailor the sound to the advertising. High energy music works well for products that encourage activity while peaceful music would be more appropriate for promoting products that are meant to soothe and calm you. If you are not sure which type of music is best, try out a few different kinds of music.

3. Find the Right Words

The phrasing used should always produce an emotional reaction in the viewer. Humor, empathy and even fear are all used in successful video marketing. Point out the problem and then offer a solution. Persuasion may range from subtle to explicit direction. In the end, the prospective customer must believe that what is being said is true; not only true for some people but true for themselves.

The use of just one of these factors of video marketing combined with a great deal of creativity has the potential to take your sales from zero to thousands. Never shy away from asking for opinions from those who fit the demographics.

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