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How to Author a Computer or iPad for iTunes Files and Setup a Home Sharing Network


How to Author a Computer for iTunes Files and setup a Home Sharing Network.

Under Apple's User Agreement, you are allowed 5 devices to play your iTunes and App Store purchases. You will have to type in your username and password to play many songs, audio books. To authorize a computer to play protected content, make sure you are connected to the internet. The first machine that is authorized is the computer you use to initially sign up for your Apple Account. To authorize another machine, follow these steps:

1) Open iTunes

2) Choose "Store"

3) Select "Authorize Computer"

Setting up Home Sharing Network

You can setup a Home Sharing network with iTunes. To do this install iTunes on the computer you want to set up.

1) Click the "Home Sharing" icon in the iTunes Source list. This is found on the left hand panel of iTunes. The home sharing icon looks like a small house. If the Home Sharing icon is missing, try turning on Home Sharing. Choose "Advanced," then select "Turn on Home Sharing." iTunes may ask you to authorize the computer for the iTunes Account. To do that follow the above instructions on authorizing Computers.

2) Click the "Create Home Share" button.

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any other computer you want to share with on your home network. Remember you can share 5 maximum devices with per iTunes account. And your iPad counts as one computer!

Using the Home Sharing Network

After you have set up your home network with all the computers you want, everyone's iTunes library appears in everyone's Source list. Simply click the triangle next to the House icon for any library you want to check out. To stream a file, select it and click the Import button in the bottom right corner of the iTunes Window. You have the option to customize which files you automatically want to share. Click the "Settings" button to set up your file sharing customizations.

For a home sharing network make sure you iPad's Wireless settings are setup correctly. If you are having trouble, here are a few steps to make sure your iPad is networked correctly.

Turning on Wi-Fi card on your iPad:

1) Tap "Settings" on the Home Screen

2) Tap "Wi-Fi" on the Left Hand Screen.

3) Slide the Wi-Fi lever to "On" on the right hand screen. This should be the first option.

Choosing a Wi-Fi Network

When you are connected to a wireless network, the name of that network will be displayed to the right of the "Wi-Fi" button on the left hand panel of the Settings Screen. If you have not chosen a Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

1) Follow the steps above to go into the Wi-Fi Settings. Right below where you turned on the Wi-Fi, you will find a "Choose a Network box." Your iPad will display all the detected Wi-Fi networks. Press the name of your home network or any network you want to use. You may also manually add a Wi-Fi network by pressing the "other …" button.

2) Type in the network Password if you are using a secured connection.

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