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You Can Heal: How to Heal Yourself

How to Heal Yourself

You know, you have the power to heal. You have this power that is in you, in your true self, your higher self. Let me give you some tips how to heal yourself. It is all about gathering your energy (that you have in you) and channeling it towards self healing.

* Start to say Thank you for the things you have in life. First the obvious: be grateful for your physical health. Look at your body, look at your face. Look at your eyes. And wonder how everything is just so perfect, so beautiful.

* Then, make a list of all the good things you have received, lived, or experienced in the past 6 months. Your new tool, printer, computer, iPhone, iPad, new shoes, new shirt, new jeans, anything that is new.

* Remain positive, laugh with your friends or do things you love. Photograph, draw, read, watch a good movie, paint, play the piano, dance (even alone, why not?). Keep looking for the positive side of life. Miracles are all around you, just be aware of them.

* You have the power to heal. Invoke it! Say, think, "I am capable of healing of any sickness and illness!" The doctors know some areas in health based on traditional Western medicine, but they have no power to heal you, because this is something that is going on inside of you, in your own mind / body. What doctors do is to take a guess of how to alleviate the pain, observe the symptoms, and try to stop the illness. But all that is just guessing, based on their knowledge. They are focused on methods, not the end result.

If you believe in your higher self or source, or god-source, he / she / it never makes any mistake.

Note: did you know that the origin of the process of healing, even cicatrization (from a scar) is still not explained by science? How does it disappear?

1. Here are some personal examples … with this belief, I have already recovered from:

* left eye nerve paralysis,
* arthritis of the right hand,
* right eye, corneal abrasion, a scratch on cornea
* arthritis in both knees,
* and various other health problems.

2. Behold Nature

Lose yourself in the contemplation of nature, people, and away from your problems. Focus on the beauty of the flora, wild life, and let your problems float away.

3. Take care of your projects

For example, when my left eye was paralyzed, we were moving. I put a patch on it, and shopped for furniture, drove everyday, built from scratch a huge walking closet (dim: 3 yds x 2.5 yds x 5 yds!). Then, I put wall paper in 3 medium sized rooms. All I did was to focus on my moving and projects.

4. Laugh, be positive,

Go on YouTube, there are plenty of clips that are very funny and positive note: if you like some movies, you can get clips on YouTube. (Dumb and Dumber, Jack Black, OSS 117, Seinfeld and such). Read funny books, watch comedies, laugh with your friends.

5. Make a list

Make a list of all the good things (see above) with genuine gratitude. Keep you mind on the watch for any positive experience in your life, and the ones unfolding (… Live fully in the present moment – here and now).

6. Be of service

I know it's a bit simple, but to serve others, it's going to cheer you up because you realize that you are useful in the lives of others. Do this with all your will, not because you have to!

7. Meditate

Take the time to empty your mind. Let silence do its job. It's amazing the things that happen to those who meditate.

8. Relax!

More and more doctors agree to the main reason (or reason # 1) of health problems are due to … stress. That is a fact: stress get people sick, ill, and sometimes even kills! Beside relaxing in a long bath with salts, you also can draw, paint, or just play! (playing with other people is more fun if you can do this).

Now, you have all the basic tools to heal yourself now. I hope this short list will help you to heal. The most important to heal is to keep positive, expect healing, and release your desire to heal to god-source-universe-higher self. Detach yourself from the output is what is critical too. Warning: the more you think about it, the longer it will manifest, because you are creating another condition, a condition of need, which generates more need. ("like attractions like!" and "what you resist persist.")

Of course there are great books to read, especially it is not about the bike by Lance Armstrong, a bestseller, and Louise Hay you can heal your life.

Source by Emrick Garam

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