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What is the Vortex? Vortex – The Magic Place to Get All We Have Accumulated!

"When I'm in the vortex I feel satisfied. When I'm in the vortex I feel good. When I'm in the vortex I feel ready for more. 'm in the vortex I feel eager. When I'm in the vortex I love myself … It feels like power, it feels like clarity, it feels like love, it feels like solution … "-Esther Hicks

What is the vortex? I have seen this question a lot of times in the forums I used to visit. The word vortex is new for me, too. I have spent the last five weeks reading and hearing all the material I've found about the vortex and here it is what I have learned.

Abraham and Esther Hicks talk this concept in one of their books, The Vortex. They say, "When you ask for something everything that is necessary for the fulfillment of this that you have asked for is being summoned to the vortex.The vortex is the 'vibrational place' (escrow) where you are accumulating all the things you have asked since you were born. Nobody has access to it but you. You can get in and take your things. of all things working out for you. "

I want to simplify this and say that the "vortex" – for me – is just another word to describe HAPPINESS.

Happiness is a state of mind – Vortex is an emotional state of being.

This is the state when you feel happiness, success, love, solution, gratitude, power, and all the good things about life. When you see the positive side and you feel you have the power to bring everything you want to your life.

The Hicks' say that it is natural to be in the vortex. You just need to observe a child to confirm this. Children are always happy and showing their emotions. They do not have negative feelings. We have learned all the negative emotions through the years. Negative emotions are an indication that you are not in the vortex.

How to get in the vortex? Bring positive thoughts to your mind, feel all the good emotions, visualize your happy life and live that life as if it is happening NOW. Look for things to appreciate every day, things that make you feel good. Touch them, enjoy them, give permission for your emotions to flow, and expect more good things to come. You are your feelings, you are your thoughts, you are your emotions, you CREATE your reality.

Ways to get in the vortex

Positive affirmations and affformations "I feel great today." "Today is a beautiful day." "Why am I so happy today?" Why do I attract only good things to me? ".

Positive thoughts. Be aware of your thoughts. Try to identify negative and positive thoughts. When you have negative thoughts analyze them; why are you thinking that? Does it help to feel better? What is the purpose of thinking that? And try to change it for a positive one.

Happy feelings / emotions. A positive thought always follows a positive feeling or emotion. Do not be afraid to feel and express your emotions. Release all the energy you have inside you: laugh, cry, shout … but hey, we are taking about GOOD emotions (if you have negative ones, turn them into positive ones before you express them 🙂

Positive attitude. A positive attitude makes a big difference in our lives. We can develop our positive attitude with a few guidelines.

Having gratitude We can be grateful for everything we get or happen to us, even though the things we ask for may not have come yet. for the little things in life.

When you are in the vortex you can have a wonderful relationship, you can have the job of your dreams, you can live the life you want, you can have all YOU want and be happy. Being in the vortex is to be "ready" (emotionally) to attract what you want and you are getting it NOW. Are you in the vortex now?

Source by Patricia Anaya

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