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What Is Reseller Hosting and How to Make Money With It?

Hosting involves lots of costs and therefore to minimize the costs many web hosting companies offer the plan of reseller hosting. In the case of reseller hosting, any website owner having space in the host server can rent the hard drive space and the bandwidth that is allotted to him or her to host websites on behalf of any other party. The reseller would purchase the services provided by the host and would sell them to the third party at a profit margin. Thus a portion of the hard drive space and bandwidth is then allocated to the reseller account. The reseller can either rent a dedicated server that he or she has obtained from a dedicated server hosting plan or can even resell the shared hosting services. Often you would see that people have made money by doing the business of reseller hosting. Here are some tips so that you can also become successful in this business.

Get a good hosting company: This is the priority of this business and it will determine your success in this business. You should see if the company where you have the web hosting account provides you the facility of fully integrated billing system have excellent control panel software so that you can manage the entire operation and provide good email account services.

Have your own reseller account: You would find that most of the hosting companies offer good plans regarding disk storage, bandwidth and so on. But you should also understand that which hosting company has got the best features and provides you with easy upgrades so that you can make your business grow at a fast pace.

Get your own hosting packages: Once you have a reseller account, you would get access to the control panel tools. With the help of these tools you can create various types of hosting packages and add price tags to them. Also you can suspend or remove any account which is giving problems and so on. If you have a reseller account, you can perform all these activities without the intervention of the hosting company.

Systematic management of billing system: You would find that in most of the hosting servers you would get various software for creating your own billing system. With the help of these software you can easily make customer invoices. Also such software can send payment notification to your customers automatically. You can even get such software that can function as both support and billing system.

Promote your business: You can be only successful if you are aggressively promoting your business. For this you can create a website which would have been designed specifically for the purpose of promoting your plan. Also you can advertise in other media so that your business gets the necessary highlight.

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