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What Is An Internet Marketing Blog?

Think of an internet marketing blog as a subscription page in a publication that we call the internet – it is nothing more and nothing less. To be noticed it must be in a highly visible place in the publication. Being being visible it needs to be interesting, informative and it must provide a viable benefit to encourage people to subscribe. Once you have a sign up you have a potential client that you can offer relevant products to via regular communication with them.

After having done it a couple times, creating an internet marketing blog becomes relatively easy and can be done in just a few minutes. If you are just starting it takes some time to get to know your way around. Fortunately, there are many free or inexpensive tools available that can assist us with this. Most web hosting providers have tutorials on video that help with the setup of a blog template.

Choosing the name for your internet marketing blog (domain name) requires some thought. Getting your blog informed in the cyber publication means that the keyword phrase in the name needs to be a popular one. Popular means that lots of internet users key in that phrase while doing searches. Search engines like Google and Yahoo have free resources that allow you to evaluate keyword popularity and competition levels. Competition referes to existing sites that target the same phrases you are evaluating. You need to find phrases with high search numbers but that are not excessively competitive.

Promoting your internet marketing blog means "advertising" on the web. This requires that you regularly inform people that you are there and tell them about what you have to offer. How do you tackle this? First, you prepare articles on your subject and send them into reputable directories who will hopefully publish them. When published, they are exposed to thousands of viewers who will see your contact details. Second, you must join internet discussion forums and regularly contribute to discussions regarding issues relevant to your blog theme. Third, you subscribe to question and answer forums and raise your profile and increase your credibility by giving well researched answers to questions asked by members. Social networks are also good for "advertising" your site.

To close with, first a warning – people who are active on the internet are becoming far more sophisticated and 'street wise' and will not take kindly to hollow offers or worthless products. Try scamming people and they will run you out of town for good! For those taking online business seriously, providing a good service and marketing decent products, an internet marketing blog can provide a lucrative and sustainable income.

Source by Graham P Colin

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