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Web Hosting Prices – Cheaper Than an Energy Drink



If you are ready to blow everyone away with your own website, you are in luck. The bottom line is its never been easier to get a top notch professional website for next to nothing. Web Hosting Prices are at rock bottom. As these hosts compete for your business, it's a win win situation for you.

What is the difference in all these hosts? Very little. Some of the things to consider are reliability, features, the control panel and customer support. They truly are battling it out to offer as much as their competitors or more. What are web hosting prices like at this time? To summarize, the top hosts are offering very similar packages for $ 3.95 or less to 12.95 per month. For less than one pack of cigarettes, you can have a month of premium hosting.

As far as reliability goes, these hosts seem to be at a dead heat, although they would probably disagree. Whatever servers they are using, or technology such as load balancing, most of them are running at 99.9% uptime, which means zero downtime. One could not pick a host based on uptime or speed of the servers. Some of the big contenders include Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, 1 & 1, Yahoo and a "host" of others. So what features are they offering? This may be the only discernable difference in the host providers.

The control panel is an important item for you the webmaster. The ease of using the controls and applications is very important. Cpanel is noted to be the best and most user friendly host control panel, and most of the hosts provide it. Most of the hosts provide a free domain name, but some require an additional charge. One host, Justhost supplies a domain for life, while others may be yearly. Most of the sites offer the latest and best website creators such as Joomla and WordPress. They all offer other features such as unlimited space and emails, autoresponders and much more.

A very important consideration is support. Its very easy to get a website going, almost anyone can get a basic site up in an hour or so. Questions do come up though, so its important that the host provides 24/7 support, live support and other options. I'm happy to report that they do offer great support.

So what's a future webmaster to do? Is web hosting prices the final consideration? Its my opinion that's probably about it .. Instead of getting ulcers over these minute differences, I suggest you pick one that gives you the most for your money.

Speaking of money, here is a little trick for you. When you go to the host of your choice, back your browser away from their site. Some of the hosts will then offer you a final discount. You may have to reload and escape their page a couple of times, but in some cases it will give you an extra 20% off. Web hosting prices are dirt cheap and offer you the best tools out there. So what are you waiting for, you can have your own professional website up and running in no time.

Source by Allen Sinclair

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