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The Advent of Digital Marketing

What are the refining hits of digital marketing?

1. Cost: While the importance of traditional marketing is nearly nil, it is also evident that traditional media outlets – such as television, radio and newspapers ads – can be very expensive. However, utilizing and publishing search engine optimized article only costs time.

2. Quantification: It is almost impossible to quantify the effects of traditional marketing. It is not possible to know how many people have come across an ad; the number of people interested in it is also impossible to quantify in traditional marketing. Even if a person invests in traditional marketing techniques, it is difficult to compare the investment with the return. This results in one's ability to determine whether their marketing technique has worked or not. However, with digital marketing, it is very easy to monitor the traffic generated by your online ad, article or website.

3. Visibility: A person can increase the visibility of their product locally with newspaper ads, television or radio. But, with all these new and improved gadgets at their disposal, everyone is on the internet these days. Therefore, it is only practical to market your products online to garner the public's attention.

4. Trust: Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is not a one way street. If a business is opting for digital marketing, then they are reaching out to their potential clients; they are also giving them the opportunity to put their questions forward. This helps build mutual trust in a company and ensures a strong company-client bond.

5. Targeting: With traditional marketing techniques, it is nearly impossible to target a specific group of people as your audience. In turn, this may result in low sales of a product. Digital marketing gives a company the opportunity to do the same thing without any hassles.

6. Taking a step towards the future of marketing: Traditional marketing has not lost its place, yet. However, it is widely known that digital marketing is the new face of future marketing strategy.
Although digital marketing is a futuristic approach to marketing, traditional marketing mediums such as television, radio and print media are still relevant.

Therefore, it is advisable for a company that is choosing a marketing agency , to take note of a few facts. If the agency promises a balanced approach at marketing a product that keeps traditional and digital marketing in mind, then, you can rest assured that it is highly probable that this company will have a strategic and client specific marketing format that will be beneficial in the long run. Additionally, if a company has a HubSpot certified partner this is often beneficial for both parties. If the company is mindful about the client-company relationship and strives to maintain a good relationship, it is certainly one of the prime options out there.

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