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Strategic Planning in Social Marketing

Discipline is doing what you ought to do, so – in the end – you get to do what you want to do. It sounds so very simple, but there is a lot of space between point A and point B. Strategic planning is of utmost importance when traveling the road to success. Things don’t just happen. It takes a plan of action to get there. The person with the plan is usually the person with the power. So, what is your plan in getting to point B?

The road to success is usually traveled by those who have taken the time to learn the necessary skills of discipline. By the same token, the road to failure is riddled with excuses. Procrastination, over-commitment, lack of discipline, and attitude are right there at the top of the list. Do you listen too much to those who say you don’t have what it takes to succeed? Be careful of what you listen to. Your attitude has a direct impact on which direction your life will take. Strategic planning: you must plan ahead to succeed. Here’s an example. Let’s say you are going to a restaurant for dinner. All of your favorite foods are on the menu. Don’t wait until the bill comes to decide that you need to make healthier choices. It won’t just happen. You need to strategically plan before you get to the restaurant that you will make those healthy choices.

Another excuse on the road to failure is taking on too much: setting your expectations too high. Many feel that if they can’t do it all perfectly the first time, there is no use in even trying. It is unreasonable to expect perfection every step of the way. Success comes one step at a time. Not long ago, I was introduced to a way of building my business online with social marketing. A beginner in the social marketing area, I knew that I would need some internet network marketing training. Like many people, I have high expectations of the things I do – many times too high. I would need to bring the challenge down to bite sized pieces before it would work for me.

As it turned out, I found that someone had already done it. Renegade University set up a plan of bite sized pieces to assure that anyone could follow the plan to succeed. They made it so easy to follow, that there was literally no place for failure. I was able to take each challenge – one bite at a time – and follow through at my own pace. Be diligent in your preparation for success. Don’t be side-tracked when the busy-ness of life takes over. Focus on the moment at hand and move forward. The grocery store aisles are filled with items packaged in bite sized pieces. Why? Because they are much more fun to eat that way and it also sets you up to take one small bite after another. It is no different when you set up a plan for success. Life is busy. Take your steps in bite sized pieces: live your day in bite sized pieces – and prepare yourself for that moment when you get to experience the gratification of a job well done.

Source by Wendy Archambault

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