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Role and Responsibility of Technical Support Engineers

The role of a technical support engineer is to troubleshoot and diagnose computer and IT problems. Technical support engineers are expected to know a little about computer networks as this knowledge can help them resolve issues with a group of computers attempting to print to a shared printer over the same computer network or other similar problems.

A computer or PC network is more commonly known as a Local Area Network, often abbreviated to LAN which is derived from the first letter of each word. Networks and network infrastructure are synonymous to the physical cables and wires connecting different devices and nodes that enable communication over a network.

When one device stops working or communicating with other nodes or devices, quite often it can impact many users attempting to utilise services of the failing device. A little understanding of networks helps technical support engineers determine the cause of the problem and present possible solutions to implement to keep the IT service running smoothly.

Sometimes permanent solutions cannot be implemented as the system might have to be upgraded first, or compatibility issues may exist, therefore interim solutions or workaround might be sort until system compatibility and upgrades have been established or stabilised. As most IT departments endorse ITIL as a framework for its service and support. This ensures best practices are used to manage and support the corporate IT systems, bringing about a professional image to the IT department.

Once the system has been upgraded, projects to implement permanent solutions can be planned and executed. Technical support engineers will deal with these types of problems, and many more besides.

Other problems technical support engineer will address are backups and restoring data in events when data loss has occurred or users have inadvertently deleted a file. The technical support engineer restores the data and will close down the helpdesk support call when it is done.

Other support queries are fixing failing hardware devices, or replacing them. Depending of the size of the organisation, support engineers will work in a structured team environment, so being a team player is a must. Technical support engineers can be client facing one day, and problem solving in isolation the next so its important to note that a degree of flexibility is needed.

As you have no doubt noticed, the role of a technical support engineer is both varied and wide, splitting into many facets. There are two main routes to take as a technical support engineer, one is in infrastructure and design, and the other is in software development and database design. Having obtained a computer science degree, both routes still require a great deal of practical experience developed and tuned over time.

The more you specialise, the more likely you’ll become a subject matter expert or SME. Are you progress from troubleshooting simple problems and technical issues, you will move up taking on more complex and challenging issues. Often you will be relied upon to lead others within a small technical department or team. This entails passing on your experience you have learned to trainees and juniors entering the industry.

Getting a job as a technical support engineer is your first step to becoming one. You can expect prospective employers to want proof that you are current on today’s technologies. Don’t fall into the trap of listing keywords on your CV but rather give concise examples the reader can follow to ascertain your level of experience. One such method is called CAR, which is an acronym for Context, Action, and Results which sets out a simple and effective method of writing and speaking about a topic you are knowledgeable about. Using a good CV template is one of the most effective ways to enhance your job hunting.

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