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My Internet Business – Business Opportunity Review

My Internet Business is a brand new online marketing system which was created by Darren Gaudry that aims to change the way online marketing is conducted. It had its much awaited launch in April 2008.

My Internet Business was created as a solution to why over 95% of people fail to make money online, lack of experience, lack of support and lack of knowledge it aims to give newbies to internet marketing full training and support and access to mentors, people who already makes money online, it believes that systems make money not people so it aims to allow anyone to make money online using the My Internet Business Marketing system. It aims to give season Internet Marketers the tools to earn multiple six figure incomes without having to trade their time to do so.

Automated Business

There is a full video tour of the My Internet Business website connected by the owner himself, Darren Gaudry.There are high quality videos on the site which present the opportunity and the compensation plan. In the back office, My Internet Business have provided full marketing tools including professional ad copy to increase conversions.

Call Center (PB A's)

My Internet Business also provides an in-house call center which is headed by top sales professionals, professional business assistants (PBA's) who will actually close the sales for you. A prospect clicks the "request callback" button on the site and a PBA will call them back at a time to suit them to answer any questions they may have and close the sale for you.Once a sale is made you are alerted and paid in a method you wish.

Compensation Plan

The My Internet Business compensation plan is really simple although it offers very lucrative payments and no pass up sales so you can earn from day one. One huge is your paid directly by the sale you make, not the company, therefore no waiting around for commission checks. Although there are no pass up sales The compensation plan is based on a two tier payout system. This means as well as being paid on your direct sales also paid on your front-line sales as an override payment commission payments range from a $ 300 bronze sale all the way up to a massive $ 2000 commission for platinum sales.

The Best Training Around

My Internet Business offers a whole host of training methods in the back office there are countless how to videos including showing you how to market your business correctly, you also have the back up of customer support, many people fail in online business because they don ' t know how to market effectively however once this is mastered you can make money in any online business.There are also recorded weekly training sessions to listen to as and when you wish to kick start your business. You also have access to loads of prewritten ad copy and given lists of affected places to place free ads

Turn-Key Systems

Your membership also has turnkey systems allowing lots of lead generation, you have professional lead capture pages with the option to use your own should you wish. There is a company auto responder to follow up your prospects for you or you can integrate it with Aweber for the more experienced

Additional Income Streams Retail Center

You can also add your own products to the site allowing you maximum exposure. You also have access to over 1800 digital products all with resell and many with master resell rights for you to market, and there is no need to set up your own sales and payment pages as My Internet Business has just launched the retail center which provides all this for you.


Whether your an Internet novice or a seasoned pro My Internet Business in my opinion provides the best opportunity to create a great online business capable of making vast amounts of money. They have recognized the need for good training and development and they have provided it, they also recognize the fact that the reason most people are looking to start an Online Business is they want to earn a executive level income but they do not wish to trade their time to do so, and i must admit i believe they have done it, what i like about this business there is no hype fluff or flannel its just a good solid business opportunity that does everything it says on the tin, WELL DONE MY INTERNET BUSINESS. To see the value of My Internet business click here

Source by Carl Bowen

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