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Internet Marketing With Mini-Sites

Mini-Sites have become a huge phenomenon on the Internet today. A mini-site is basically a sales site with one product selling on the front page of the site. For example, a mini-site that I have been successful with is eBayBusiness.net. There's a basic formula to follow if you want to create a successful mini-site.

First you need a product. For a mini-site, I've found that offering an informational product is your best bet. There are a few reasons why informational products are preferred. First of all, there is no stock needed, no warehouse, no shipping department and so forth. You can actually set up your site to automatically deliver your digital product as soon as the payment comes in. This frees up your valuable time to more important matters like promotion and marketing.

After you have your product, you will need to create your sales page. The formula that has worked for me is to create a large, catchy heading that compels the visitor to find out more. As well, you will need to decide your target audience that this headline, and the sales letter will be addressed to. This can be the most difficult part. There are many professional sales writers out there that you can hire to create your headline and sales letter for you if this is not something you're good at. However, they can be quite pricey. I've personally just kept writing my own and have done just fine.

Once you have your front page all set, you need to create a way to accept payment and deliver your product. I use PayPal because its a cheap and quick way to accept payments online. Plus, PayPal is widely known by most everyone and will reduce the amount of people wary about giving out their personal information online. PayPal can also help you set up a digital delivery system so that once payment is received, the product is automatically delivered to the customer.

So, now you have your mini-site all setup and ready to take orders. Now you just need traffic! Actually, getting traffic is where most of your work comes in. Setting up the site is the easy part. There are many different ways you can start getting traffic. I will mention a few of them, but will not go into great detail because each tactic could produce an article or articles of their own.

First, join forums relating to the product you are selling and participate in them. Make sure you create a signature on your forum profile and place a link to your mini-site in your signature. Do not SPAM on forums, this is a no-no. Second, you can write your own articles like this one, adding your link to the bottom of the article. You can distribute your articles using forums and article databases. Third you can set up a newsletter on your mini-site and send your newsletter subscribers information, as well as inviting them back to your site.

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