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Internet Marketing Help – How to Choose the Right Website Domain Name

Choosing a good website domain name might not be as straightforward as you would like, but with some creativity you can come up with a name that is right for you.

A domain name is the name given to distinguish one website from another. It acts as an address that identifies the computer a particular website is located on.

Here are 6 steps to help you choose the right domain name. Read all 6 steps right to the end to get the most from them.

Step 1. Brainstorm a list of words that refer to your niche. For example, words that reflect the type of product or service you intend to offer and a specific message or feeling you want to convey to your potential customers. Also make a list of niche related keywords used by searchers.

Step 2. Make word combinations if you do not have a single word that best Promotes your site. You can combine whole words or portion of words. Whatever the name chosen, you should strive to make it short, attention getting and memorable; easy to pronounce, type and spell; and it should not be a trademark name.

Step 3. Decide on a name extension. A.com extension is generally used by commercial businesses, a.net extension is generally used by commercial networks; .org is used by organizations; there are also country specific extensions among others. Choose an extension that gives you the greatest advantage and does not limit your audience. For an online business that targets an international audience, I recommend a.com extension. A.com extension has the advantage in that it is an old and familiar extension and it is said to the default on which humans search the internet.

Step 4. Place name in domain registration search engines to check for availability. You may find that the name you have selected is already taken. Therefore, you will have to use some creativity to get the one that is right for you.

Step 5. Place name in search engines to look for potential areas of confusion with spelling and other factors that may lead to people not getting to your website. You might also get some more ideas there.

Step 6. Ask friends for feedback on the name. Their feedback gives an idea of ​​what a stranger might think, so ask a few friends and get the general feeling among them. Also think about how you feel about the name yourself. If it does not feel right to you make changes until you are satisfied.

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