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How To Make Your YouTube Videos Get More Views

If you want to get more views to your YouTube videos, you have to put in a bit of work. Contrary to popular belief, some people think that they can use upload a video and then by 8am the next morning they will have 1,000 views to their video. Now this is possible … even outside of the entertainment niche … but you should not put your hopes into this.

In today's lesson, I want to share with you a few strategies that you can do to get more views to your YouTube video. The more views you get, the more subscribers you will get, the more website traffic you will get, and the more sales you will make. Does this excite you? ESPecially since YouTube is a free website to get promotion to your videos? Hopefully it does. Here's the first tip for getting more views to your videos:

1) Promote it off of YouTube.

This is really easy to do. What you will want to do is promote it in your email newsletter, your website, your blog, on forums, in your podcasts, and just about anywhere that an effective internet marketing strategy exists. If you do not know how to market your videos off of YouTube, then you need some help.

Now you can also spend money on advertising to get a lot of views to your site. YouTube even allows you to advertise your video at the very top of the video list so that you can get lots of exposure to it. And for some people these works incredibly well for them.

Depending on the niche and the title of the video … some people are able to generate millions of views just by using this advertising venue alone. Consider it in your business. Here's another way to get more views to your YouTube video.

2) Post video responses

This is an excellent way to get people to visit your videos. But you will want to post a video response to another video in your niche that is relevant to what you're selling. And it's absolutely free to do this. Make sure your video response is enticing, and that the thumbnail image of it looks appealing. This is a good technique for getting more views. Here's another tip:

3) Use a camcorder instead of a "screencast" software

Usually videos with you talking on it is something that gets more views than videos where there is on-screen activity. People want someone that they can relate to and who they can build a connection with, and this is the reason why this technique works so well. But if you're camera shy, you do not need to worry.

You could always do an on-screen "how to" video, and still get a lot of views. It all depends on the audience / niche you're making the video for. Select the right niche, and you will get a lot of views simply and easily.

These 3 tips for getting more views for your YouTube videos are things that you will want to do immediately in your business. Take them to heart, and be sure to implement them now.

Good luck with using YouTube as a part of your internet marketing strategy.

Source by Randall A Magwood

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