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How and Where to Access Needed Personal Computer Help – Get Online PC Support

You know, it’s undeniable – no matter how new or how well-maintained our PCs are, we all meet up with PC issues sooner or later. The bright side is that we do not have to deal with them alone. There are lots of helps on hand to walk us through PC problems, but it might take a bit of knowledge in knowing how to locate them. This little tale will show you how to locate online PC support.

1. Vendor websites. If you are experiencing an issue with a program or with a hardware device, look up the website of that software’s or hardware’s manufacturer. Most (if not all) vendors reserve a portion of cyberspace and dedicate it to support the products that they manufacture. Microsoft’s help desk is an excellent example.

2. Remember help files. It’s funny, but people frequently don’t remember that every PC itself and every application installed on a computer includes its own help file. Also, the operating system of a PC has a help file, so this really ought to be the starting point to look for answers. Help files are written not just to instruct in how to use a personal computer, they are also designed to fix difficulties. Inside a help file, look for a section called, “Troubleshooting” (or something similar) when you need to resolve an issue. This section is reserved for solving problems specific to the software or hardware that you’re using.

3. Fan sites. Fan sites probably is not a good term for this resource, but one may find websites that are set up for supporting the owners of a certain software application or piece of hardware. We call them “user groups” since the maintainers of such sites don’t have any affiliation with the vendors which they support! Name them what you want, but their free advice is invaluable and without it, we wouldn’t possess some of the excellent solutions and top-notch problem solving techniques that we have today.

4. Usenet newsgroups. Another underused resource on the WWW, Usenet newsgroups include hundreds of discussion groups focused on some of the most popular personal computer systems, operating systems, hardware suppliers, and individual software applications. Sometimes, a few employees of these suppliers take part, but usually, the assistance in such groups is between users, which is just as valid because you’re dealing with a bunch of skilled folks.

5. Support Lines. Another source for help which we shouldn’t ignore are the help lines of different manufacturers. You may access these systems by dialing the telephone number associated with the product which you’re experiencing difficulties with. Calling may be free (1-800 or 1-877 numbers), or they might cost a small amount (1-900).

6. Computer support groups or computer clubs are another option for help. These are clubs that meet in libraries, PC stores, or similar local areas, which talk about all kinds of problems dealing with a particular product. Even if you aren’t experiencing a related computer or software difficulty, support groups are interesting to participate in, and they may let you make contacts for other interests such as job or educational opportunities.

7. Surprisingly, you could even get assistance from the salespeople at a local personal computer dealer. We do not recommend that you make this your first resource if you experience difficulty, but we don’t recommend that you ought to ignore this alternative totally either. Personal computer salespeople are hired for a reason – and that is their skills. Often these kind people are able to help you to resolve an issue over the telephone and keep you from having to buy an expensive solution.

From this you can see that help is easy to find – you simply have to know where to hunt for it. Most of the contacts within these resources are very friendly and glad to spend time to step you through a problem at little to no cost. From online user groups, to the help files on your own computer, to online PC support, assistance is frequently just a phone call away.

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