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Getting Started With Internet Marketing – Part 3


Once you have changed your mindset and done the necessary actions to really believe that you can set up your own business online, be your own boss and 'work' when you want and where you want, you have found yourself a mentor that is an expert in his arena, has the ability to teach his formulas and strategy's and perhaps most importantly, you connect with, you are ready to really get going.

Your mentor will help in so many ways and you will probably find that you have had to make some sort of investment to get your mentor. This may not necessarily be a financial investment, but sometimes and old fashioned bartering process, where you swap something you have of value for what they have of value to you. This brings us into the next step of the adventure. Online you see many adverts and websites promising you riches in a short period of time – unfortunately many are scams, which make the idea of ​​investing even harder to contemplate. Most of us getting involved with Internet Marketing are looking for ways to supplement our income, at least to begin with, because we believe we could do with the extra income to pay bills, or save for a holiday etc. Some of us began this adventure with a much bigger dream in mind. But what most of us have in common is the fact that we would like more MONEY. Whichever way you look at it, we are all looking for ways to earn more, so that we can live the life we ​​want to live. This causes a problem in the human brain because reality says that we have to pay rent, mortgage, car repayments, credit cards and regular household bills – which we are struggling with already because looking at ways of generating more income – and on the other hand , in order to make this additional income, we have to invest anywhere from $ 47- $ 10,000.

So how do we choose – well this is where your mentor comes into action, he or she can help direct you along the path you believe you want to take. Then you should attend a couple of seminars, see who is out there and how they present themselves. See who resonates with you and what message really hits home – then invest in their program. The live speakers typically present their program and you get discounts and bonuses for signing up at the event. Alternately, you can do research on the internet and pick a few that you believe will work for you. Discuss them with your mentor and then make an investment. Start small if you like, but invest, buy into someone's program (that could well be your mentors) download free PDF reports and whitepapers – invest your time into reading them. Invest in some relevant books or audio and start taking on board the information.

One thing all the 'guru's' out there talk about is investing in yourself. Investing money in ongoing training and continuously improving yourself is a sure fire way to bring success your way. What a lot of the programs out there do is save you from investing the $ 100,000 in training and making your own mistakes and providing you with the tried and tested formula. If you invest in one of these, then the responsibility comes down on you to TAKE ACTION. Do not start collecting these courses and leaving them unopened on your shelf. Do not become a seminar junkie and keep collecting great notes but do nothing with them.

Do your research; make some decisions, get input from your mentor, make an investment and then TAKE ACTION – JUST DO IT.

Source by Barry Cummings

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