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Ecourse Training – What's the Best Philosophy For Your Ecourse Strategy

Ecourse Philosophy. What do I mean by this? I mean that just about everyone you talk to has their own way of teaching about Ecourses, but what's the most effective way?

Before we answer this, you need to understand ONE thing about Ecourses … the only thing that matters is that you DO IT! Nothing takes the place of you having a vehicle out on the internet making money without you having to keep looking after it.

OK, now let's discuss philosophy. There are two main sides to this philosophy issue.

1) Giving your subscribers just enough free stuff to keep them interested, but not enough to teach them everything, giving them a reason to buy additional info from you.

2) Giving your subscribers the best info you can for free. Pull out all the stops, spill you guts with your info.

Philosophy one gives you the benefit of others not "ripping off" your stuff and promoting their own version of it. The only way they can fill in the blanks, so to speak, it to buy additional info. Most traditional sales pitches are done this way.

Philosophy two gives you the benefit of others developing a faster trust from you because you're not holding anything back. The reason behind this is your subscribers get to know-like-trust you without having to invest anything. Then, it makes it easier for them to purchase stuff from you down the road.

Believe it or not, some of the major players on the internet, in terms of earnings, started out by giving away their knowledge, their "stuff" if you will. They cave it out unconditionally and people ate it up. Now, these folks are not doing too bad in the financial department. All because they just brave and brave and brave.

Please do not misunderstand, either of these two philosophies are right or wrong, it's all personal preference. You need decided which one you feel better about and go for it. You CAN make money either way, so that should not matter at all. I'll say it again, the only thing that matters with your Ecourse is that you DO IT!

Source by Drew Poletto

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