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Digital Marketing Concepts

Marketing or advertising is a very broad concept. It includes various modes of advertising ie television, internet, radio, print ads, brochures, social networking sites and the word of mouth. Advertising is also very essential for any product to ensure that product gains market in the long run even after the halt to advertising. Therefore digital marketing branch of online marketing is extremely important.

Digital marketing aims at targeting audiences through the TV, radio, mobiles and the internet. It tries to target people of all genres. It is also responsible for long term marketing. As sometimes the promotional mail sent to a person may end up remaining in his mail forever if he does not delete it from his inbox.

Digital marketing is a larger concept and is not just limited to internet. It also includes mediums like telephones, cell phones, and SMS / MMS and digital banners. It is a much clearer concept than online marketing. It also covers larger amount of people and hence helps at getting large number of customers.

There are two different methods of digital marketing namely the Pull and the Push method. Both of them are equally important and have their own set of pros and cons. I'll be discussing each method in the preceding paragraphs.

The Pull method of digital marketing would require the customer to reach out to the market or the internet to look out for the product they need and want. Here the customer would have to put in more effort in going to the hard work to search for the material. The marketers such put the information on the display.

The pull method of digital marketing is entirely dependent on the customer and his needs as the customer goes to the internet to browse through different information of his choice. Checking out blogs, articles, ads hosted on various sites are all a part of this pull method. It can be basically understood as the advertisers pull the customer's attention to their ads online.

The main disadvantage of this pull method of digital marketing is that the customer may miss out on some information which comes out in the form of pop-ups, if the customer has a pop-up blocker. Also if the ads posted by advertisers are not attractive enough, then they may lose out on some business.

The next method of digital marketing in online marketing is the Push method, where the marketer pushes or imposes information on the customer through e-mails, SMS / MMS etc. it ensures better targeting and data along with faster and consistent delivery of messages. However this method targets small number of audiences and is costly as well.

Therefore, while going for digital marketing in online marketing techniques one should always select the method of marketing very carefully. But do go for it if you want to please people of all genres.

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