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Digital Marketing Agencies – What Do They Do?

Digital Marketing has its place at the core of any business strategy. The role of a digital marketing agency is to translate the specific needs and objectives of that business into a meaningful set of internet-based metrics.

The industry that used to be called 'web design' began its evolution into the 'web marketing' or 'internet marketing' industry. (Web Design is obviously still a specific specialty, but is mostly now associated with internet marketing). This was at the time when the search engines began to build such a dominant position for themselves that marketers realized how easy it was becoming to put businesses in front of customers.

In the last 2 years, internet marketing has undergone a new stage of its evolution, this time towards digital marketing. As a name, it has something of a 1980s feel about it. For anyone over the age of 30, 'digital' is a term that we associate with watches, or microwaves. However, as a 2011 term it signifies the bringing together of the various internet-based technologies that allow businesses to maximize their position and exploit the myriad opportunities of getting in front of customers and engaging with their target audience.

A Digital Marketing Agency can bring together all the elements of website technology, search engine marketing, social media marketing, multi-media technology, mobile and other interactive channels. A digital marketing strategy may incorporate some or all of these elements.

The role of digital marketers is to work in harmony with a business's existing goals and objectives, and not to re-invent the wheel. Usually that means dovetailing any online marketing activities with their corresponding offline work. It is important for businesses to present a joined up face to its audience, so all marketing and media needs to be consistent, uniformly branded and trying to hit the same goals.

Print media, TV and radio are all excellent sources of referrals to a company's website or Facebook page, and the same is also true in reverse. Digital Marketing should not take an arrogant stance that it will prevail in place of all 'traditional' advertising, but rather is there to enhance it. Social Media marketing for example has the ability to reach new (and previously untapped) demographics, so it should be viewed as complementary rather conflicting.

Without doubt, marketing must evolve in line with the availability of new platforms and media. Mobile marketing will continue to increase, as will the two-way interaction of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and all their spin-offs and descendants.

A digital marketing agency therefore has the power at its fingertips, and more than ever should be a trusted advisor to enable business development, in the same way as the bank manager, the accountant and the management consultant.

Source by Matt J Chandler

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