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Cricket Records Help in Creating a Cricketing Idol for Cricket Enthusiasts

Cricket is game involving passion and the sentiments among the fans run high while a match is in progress. Every match presents an opportunity for new cricket records to be created on the field and a player and his supporters are always expectant about some such opportunity that may arise. Every team has some key players that have established themselves as the world cricket records holder and occupy a special place in the heart of cricket enthusiasts. The records not only give the players a moral boost and a tremendous sense of achievement, but they also form the basis of perception regarding the player. Selectors base their judgment of player performance on the basis of the existing records by a certain cricketer.

Some of the world proclaimed cricketers who are held in great respect the cricketing world are Sachin Tendulkar from India who holds the cricket records for the maximum centored scored in both one day matches and test matches and the highest number of runs in one day matches. While Shane Warne holds the cricket records for the highest number of wickets taken in test matches and there are many others who have created a mark through records in their own field of expertise. However cricket records can be a very temporary situation as every record holder knows that sooner or later some other cricketer will come along and break the previous records. Although nothing can take away the credit of being the first player to achieve a new goal and later records just go on to enhance the passion of the game.

Cricket records also have a major influence in the way the fans perceive a particular cricketer. It also adds to the overall image and impression that the player creates of himself and many advertisers want to cash in on this achievement. A player who has recently created any cricket records is sure to be in the limelight for a long time to come and since it makes perfect sense for the advertiser or marketer to use the player as a brand ambassador for the product or service. The logic behind it is simple, if a player who is a world cricket record holder for the maximum runs tells you that a particular credit card is the best source of financial power and you should go get it, chances are that fans will actually go and get it. It creates a winning situation for the advertiser as his sales shoot up due to the brand value of the cricketer.

Even if a person is not much interested in cricket it is often seen that he or she would still know about particular cricketers who hold cricket records. This highlights the fact that a record makes a cricketer famous among the masses irrespective of the fact whether or not they like the game. His a cricketer has much to gain if he plays exceptionally well and manages to contribute to the creation of cricket records that is a matter of pride not only for the player but for his team and nation itself.

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