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Benefits of Using WordPress in Your Website Design

The quickest and simplest method to make your website operational in just a few minutes is to install WordPress which is a free blogging platform. WordPress allows you to get a free pre-built website which will show you some of the focused aspects like contents, profits, sales of your website etc. In this article we will discuss about WordPress and its benefits in detail.

Flexible platform:

WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform which will help you build your new websites with the CMS (content management system). There are lots of benefits in using the WordPress bogging platform like quick installation, self updating, open source platform, and lots of plug-ins on the database, more options for website themes etc.

Quick and easy to install:

If you want to build a website for a company which is running cPanelX webmaster's control panel, then you can get "Fantastico De Luxe" in your control panel and if you will be directed to a page which will show you lots of applications relevant to your website. You will need to follow some simple instructions to get your link and to install the WordPress application on your website. You may be asked some general information before the installation completes. This way you can easily install the WordPress on your website.


In the latest versions, WordPress has got various special features to help you in choosing your desired WP plug-ins, to get the upgraded operating system or any other related updates. You will be immediately notified if there are any upgrades available for you. You will only need to click the links to automatically install the desired upgrades and updates.

Open Source Application:

Since WordPress has been constructed in PHP, anyone who uses the application can view the source code of it. It also allows the programmers to work within the codex to get their required functions and operations. The application also has a comprehensive documentation on top of it which will help any person with the little knowledge on PHP to work on its codex, themes and plug-ins without great efforts.

Website Themes:

Lots of people prefer to use the custom WordPress themes which will allow you to change the look of your domain, upload anything to your domain and to change the feel of your website. Some people prefer the WP themes which have both paid and free versions. More than 1000 website themes are available today which can be loaded directly to your website.

Functionalities of WordPress websites:

If you want any specific functionality to be performed for your website then you can hire a programmer to make the WordPress plug-ins in such a way that they would perform your desired functions as your wish. There are tons of WordPress plug-ins available in the WordPress database today.

If you want to select a plug-in to perform your desired functions, just download that plug-in, unzip it and then you need to upload it to any reliable plug-in directory. Once you have done this, you can directly go to the admin page to activate it. By this way your desired functionalities can be easily achievable.

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