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Avatars Used to Translate Text and Speech into Sign Language for the Deaf

You know those cute little characters you pick to represent you on Internet forums and Blogs, well imagine a dynamic Avatar that works with speech recognition software and covers it to sign language? A deaf person could attend Professor Lectures, Speeches or listen in on a group discussion without having to read lips. How about a Text to sign language Avatar that would read a book to a person or an email?

Well, imagine no more because this technology now exists and IBM's "Say it Sign it" or SiSi now incorporates an animated avatar digital character. The Online Think Tank stated that this is exactly the type of technology we should be seeing more of because it helps people. By assisting the deaf community in communication, we can remain a happy family all together. This same technology will allow a picture projection of an Avatar behind someone who is speaking.

It makes sense for educational shows, CSPAN and video instructors to have this available. The Online Think Tank believes with the future of spectral imaging and holographic projection that the avatar could stand right along side the speaker when giving a presentation. IBM also leads the world in spectral imaging patents.

Avatars that translates text and speech into sign language for the deaf, will assist our schools immensely and help cross the communication division. IBM has done an excellent job with this technology and sometimes you too might like to have a look at it?

U-Tube Video Demo of Avatar Speech and Text to Sign Language:


Source by Lance Winslow

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