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5 Ways to Help You Attract People to Your Web Page

Getting people to you web page can be difficult but through some easy steps you can soon have a lot of free traffic coming to you web page.

Twitter – Twitter is a great place to attract people to your page. You need to look for people that are interested in what you want to promote and start following them. Follow about 200-300 people a day. When you start following people you will find that most will follow you back. Be sure to be social and give great information. If you push too hard to get people to you page you will lose followers.

Craigslist – This little website has popped out of now and has become very popular around the world. A simple classified website, it is a great place to promote your web page and to attract followers. It can be time consuming and you need to employ the use of some listing software. However if you list everyday you will soon see numbers increasing.

YouTube – One of the most watched sites in the world. There is a plethora of video's on YouTube and when there is an outstanding video it get picked up by news companies around the world. You need to make a short little video 3-5 minutes long promoting your web page and put it on YouTube. You also need to ensure that you video goes to all the other video sites as well.

Forums -Forums can be great fun and great place to find people that want to look at you web page. If you can find a forum that has people talking about the area you are promoting then you are in luck. These people are already interested in what you need to promote (your target market) and they will be more willing to come over and visit your site.

Blogs – Still one of the most popular sites with web surfers. Blogs can allow you to communicate directly with your market. You can share advice and ideas with them without them requiring to buy a product. It helps to build a connection with your customers that will eventually lead them to your web page.

Some of these steps can take time, but running any sort of business can take time. Stick to your guns and you will soon see the payoff.

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