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What to Look Out For When Selecting A Web Hosting Service

Internet marketing or eBusiness is booming. Many people or corporation are set up a web site to showcase their service or product. However, how do you select a web hosting service? This article shares with you some simple guides on what to look out for when evaluating a web hosting service.

To start an online business, you must have a web hosting server first. Here's a few guidelines to share with you.

Guide # 1: Sufficient Storage Space and Bandwidth

Most of the web hosting service providers currently have big enough web space for you, a 500MB or 1GB space is usually sufficient to start. Next is the bandwidth, start with 20GB or 30GB is also a good start.

Guide # 2: Allow Multiple Domain Hosting

When you are starting a online business, usually you need more than one domain for different niche. It is important to look for one hosting company that allows you to host at least 5 domain on the same server. That will save you some start-up cost to subscribe many single account.

Guide # 3: Make sure you have cPanel and Fantastico

Another important key feature I always look for is cPanel and Fantastico. These 2 features are important one to have if you are a programming idiots. The interface allows you to manage your mail account, manage your SQL server, manage your CRON jobs and even web stats. Most importantly, it saves you tremendous amount of time to install additional applications using Fantastico such as WordPress, phpBB2, shopping carts, helpdesk … etc.

Guide # 4: Have unlimited SQL server
It is important to have unlimited SQL server because most of the web application will need to use SQL server. You may not see the need of unlimited SQL server at the beginning. However, I am sure you do not want to have the number of SQL to be the bottleneck when you are adding new application to your site.

For example, I use WordPress blogging as my online strategy. I use one WordPress to manage one niche on my site, I can easily install 10 to 20 wordpress blog on one domain. If I host 5 domains on the same server, I can easily use up to 100 SQL server to host the wordpress blog easily.

Having a good web hosting service is important for internet marketing business. The web hosting service is like your shop on the internet. I hope this simple guide will give you some basic ideas about how to select a web hosting service. All the best!

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