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What to Look for When Hiring WordPress Developers?

The toughest part about hiring WordPress developers is that you do not really have an idea about what you do not know! Quite evidently it sounds like saying the obvious. Some of these "how to do" tips are really practical and will be easy to follow.

So this is what to look for when hiring WordPress developers:


OK – this again may seem supremely obvious – but I have seen a lot of people offering WordPress customizations or design services (especially as WordPress grows, there are plenty of people jumping into this arena) – however, they do not have any sample work with them.

What's the Process?

a. Are you going to communicate over the phone?
b. How often are you going to do that?
c. What is the time period?
d. Will you receive updates?
e. Which kind of communication processes can you expect?

Design / Graphics:

When your graphics are finally done and your site looks fantastic – who absolutely owns the right to the final work? Do you have the right to use the artwork / graphics however and where you want to?
If you have paid for custom graphics, you have to make sure that you have the luxury and liberty to use them as and when you want them to! However, on the other hand, if you are using stock pictures, then you have to strictly follow the copyright guidelines contained on the site from where you have purchased the work.


Yes, this is indeed another point that seems pretty obvious, is not it? I had a few clients who recently hired individuals to make WordPress customizations, however surprisingly enough; they were not really acquainted with WordPress.

There are situations where the clients hired individuals who were graphic designers. They worked mainly with Dreamweaver; numerous client pages were made in Dreamweaver, and then pasted on to the WP editor. In such instances, if the client attempted to adjust things without understanding the HTML, they ran the huge risk of throwing the entire page off.

If you bring in somebody to help create a custom WordPress theme or create a WordPress customization, ascertain the fact that they really understand the features of WordPress! If you can not use the things that make WordPress what it's intended for – it is defeating enough and it seems like a vain uphill journey.


This relates straight to training. If additional features / options are uploaded on your website (as for example: shopping cart, video & audio plugins etc.), are you aware as to how to use them productively?

What exactly is included with set up? Let's take a shopping cart for example:
– Is the autoresponder integrated properly? (If at all possible)
– Are your products being effectively added?
– Is the Thanks page for purchases being set up?
– Are Product images (cropping / editing, etc.) included?
– Is the Payment gateway installation included?

Many of these functionalities demand additional effort and time. Strive hard to understand in a crystal-clear manner what is being included for any such additional features.


When your website is done completely and your contract also is complete, is there any support available?

a. Inquire whether the support is handled through help desk, email, or a phone call?
b. Inquire about the charges for support?
c. Can there be an option for monthly maintenance / support?
d. In case your designer does not offer support, are they able to refer someone else?

So, these are some of the important criteria, I would suggest that you consider when hiring anyone to create a WordPress website for you. Hope this can help!

Source by Chris M Green

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