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Website Development – The Importance of Content

It is often said that content is king. But if content is king then where does the design and functionality stand? Website design and development is very important and crucial to the development of a website.

The design of a website is very important since it is the first thing that visitors sees when it views the website.

According to the recent statistics it was found that the about 15% of the visitors would decide about the authenticity of the content based on the design of the website. So it goes without saying that the design and appropriate functionality is important. The design of the website provides the initial impression and the functionality completes the website. But after the initial impression, it is the content of the website that plays the most important part. For it is the content that engages the visitor and keeps them coming back for more.
Knowing your audience:

The website design strongly depends on the targeted audience. For example if you are designing a website that is meant for children like an educational website, it is likely to contain images and graphics that are appropriate to the age group between say say 5 to 15 years. You would not want to place content is educational but only the adults would understand on the website. The same applies for the website content as well. At times even the background of the people you are dealing with matters. The subject matters that will engage the mind of a person having PhD degree will vary vastly from the person who is a high school dropout or even simply a graduate degree holder.

Thus, not knowing your targeted audience while designing or writing the website content is like doing it blind folded. It could mean a complete communication breakdown and on the lighter side be quite humorous too.

The tough job of writing the content:

Writing content is not the easiest job in the world and it is in fact quite a challenge for many. The job of writing content is tougher than you can imagine and it is not something that you can simply assign to just about anyone. The job of writing content also requires certain skills and knowledge. There may not be a set list of courses or skill set that you need to acquire in order to be qualified to write the website content. However there are a few people who have the ability to convert their thoughts into words and do it in a very mean full and relevant manner.

The most common criteria for selecting the right person for to developer the content for their company as described below:

Good degree holder: Companies that like to play it safe tend to assign the task of content creation the most capable person in the company; usually a high degree holder like PhD. Their intent is obvious, as per them it is more likely that the smart person will have complete knowledge of their products and then that will be a reservoir of information which they can use to write good website content. But the smartest person in the office may not need to be the best person for writing the content. The reason being that the language and content being used by the PhD degree holder is likely to be highly technical or hard for the average person to understand. So chances are that you will need to do extra work on the content to make sure that the average person understands it.

Intern: The next most popular option that many companies have is assigning the task of writing the content to an intern or an administrative assistant. the advantage here is that the content written by them will be easy understandable by all but can you be sure they will be able to provide in depth information about your products? The smartness of the person is not the issue here but it is also necessary for the person to have the necessary exposure. The person is not likely to have sufficient substance in his content nor does the person have enough data to know how the product relates to real life scenarios.

Content as it is: The other option is to leave the content as it is. It may not be impressive or even able to grab the attention of the visitors. Another issue with existing website content is that it would have aged. In the sense what was hip and happening and good for ranking in a search engine like Google may not be so now. Along many search engines prefer sites where the content is updated on a regular basis.


The responsibility of designing a website is a big one. If a company does trust you to with the task of making their website it is important for you to understand that this is a big responsibility. Beside designing and developing the website it is also important to understand which content is suitable on which page. It is important to guide the client and to what is suitable and also take the clients preferences into consideration.

Source by Rajan Jani

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