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Top Website Hosting Companies



Want to know what the top website hosting companies are? Here are three reviews of the best website hosting companies out there. There are TONS of website hosting providers, and so to try and ease the process of trying to decide on one, here are three solid suggestions:

(1) StartLogic – When I considered what website hosting company I would use for my first website, I never had even heard of StartLogic. However, when looking through the company website, I was VERY impressed by what they have to offer. It is rated by many website hosting reviewers as the best provider out there! You really can not go wrong with this StartLogic!

What's the best thing about StartLogic? Definitely the amount of space they give – 1700 GB of storage!

(2) BlueHost – Just because Bluehost is number two on this list does not mean they are not incredible! This was my first website hosting provider and I have not regretted my decision! I still use Bluehost for all of my hosting needs. There are a TON of things that Bluehost provides you with but the best resource is their customer service. Have a question at 3:00 in the morning? Give Bluehost a call and they will be glad to help you out!

What's the best thing about BlueHost? Definitely the customer service – it can not be beat!

(3) HostMonster – HostMonster has great prices for website hosting companies. They are well known around the Internet community and for good reason. They provide hosting to over 350,000 domains, so they are definitely a legitimate company. Like Bluehost, they provide excellent customer service.

What's the best thing about HostMonster? The price ($ 4.95 per month) is incredible considering the amount of services you get!

There you go! Three tried and true website hosting providers. All three have superb customer service and offer a ton of services! No matter which one you pick, you will not be disappointed!

Source by Chris B. Scharf

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