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The Power Of Niche Marketing

The old adage "when everyone's your customer, nobody's your customer" is absolutely true and substantially important. Only giant (ignoreant) companies have the resources necessary to try and market a product to everyone who can possibly buy it; it is a terrible mistake for entrepreneurial companies to market to everyone.

Entrepreneurs Must Create A Sales Breakthrough By Niche-ing Their Business

"Specialization" or "perceived specialization" can turn an ordinary business into an extraordinary business, boost prices and margins, provide competitive differentiation, and allow you to be a "big fish in a small pond."

Lead In Your Niche Market

Niche markets offer smaller opportunities than the mainstream, public marketplace, but they also provide a long list of appealing, offsetting benefits, including lower testing costs and investments, more predictable results, ease of message-to-market matching, affordable use of many media , high dollar units of sale, high margins, and so on. There is also this opportunity: to quickly and (relatively) inexpensively establish a visible, recognized leadership position.

"If you can not be first in your niche, redefine your niche" – Al Ries

Remember, you'll make larger waves jumping up and down in a small pond as an alternative to jumping up and down in the ocean. Niche your marketing efforts and watch your revenues soar!

One final note; in order to leverage your niche – you must become an avid student of lead generation and marketing strategy – the high-payoff items for necessary to succeed in business. I've developed a toolkit that gives you powerful 1-2-3 lead generation techniques that can skyrocket your success.

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Source by Joe Heller

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