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Quick Tips For Starting Your Own Website



To have a presence in the internet, you need a website which is visible to everyone who surfs the net. To get a website, you could either get a free website which gives you a space on the server and tools for you to build your website. To make a basic website, you could actually get it done in 10 to 20 minutes.

However, you website will always have a name related to the free service. If you use a provider like The Hosting Site, your website will look like thehostingsite / myusername / mypage.htm.

The second method to get your website is to buy your own domain. So, you will have a website with you preferred name like myname.com. For starters, you can have a website for around $ 10 a year in cost for the registration. After that, you can set up your host provider with a low fee of $ 5 per month. Your website can be build by using a certain kind of software like the Dreamweaver or FrontPage. Once you finish building, you can upload them onto the internet. By choosing to buy your own domain, you will also have control over the functions of your website.

For a simple website that shares information, interest, a website build by choosing the first method mentioned above would be sufficient. If you are serious about making money from your website, then you should consider choosing the second method because it gives you your own domain name. It is a better choice for a long term plan. This option will also give you a more professional website. If people see that you are hosting your website for free, it will give them an impression that you are not a dependent business associate.

However it is reasonable for beginners to start with a free website. As they progress with their website, the time will come for them to upgrade to a paid hosting. When you need more ability on the website to place ads, videos or script, you will need a paid hosting because the free website will not be able to provide this function to you.

Therefore, paid hosting is the solution because it enables you to set a genuine hosting plan without you having to know complicated computer language to set up your website. All you need to do is use the website builder. Just choose and click your way to your ideal website.

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