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People Spend More Than 30 Hours on the Internet, What Are the Popular Sites?



The internet is probably the fastest growing phenomenon in the world; thousands of people open their first email account or make their first search every single day. But what are the most popular sites in this day and age and why are they the most popular? Let's take a look.

Google is the ultimate king of search, even people that do not go online much, have all heard about Google. Which is somewhat quite weird as the company never seem to do any offline promotion such as TV advertising or radio broadcasting. Yet because they offer such a unique search experience they have ended up becoming a brand name. Whenever anyone goes online the first thing they think about if they are looking for something is to Google it. Most people have Google set as their homepage.

Facebook has become the number one site for people to socialize with other people. I mean there is really nothing you can not do on Facebook. There is a wide variety of groups and pages where you can socialize and instant messenger lets you always keep updated with your friends and family, even more so now with the increase in smart phones and applications.

YouTube is like a catch up channel and a place where you can watch a wide range of user generated videos, as an example if you have missed the final of a show such as the X Factor or American Idol then there is no need to worry as you can watch it all on YouTube. The site serves up millions of videos every single month and has millions of different viewers every single day.

We all love news sites but Digg took things one step further and allowed users to submit the best stories online. So if you are looking to find the most current and useful stories then Digg is probably the place to go. If you have ever had your site on the front page of Digg then you will see how many visitors you get to your site and quite how many users Digg have on their site.

Again another brand name, whenever anyone needs to buy anything or in fact sell anything these days, they make their way to Ebay, not only because you can sell your items quickly, but also because you can get some superb deals. There are absolutely thousands of products on eBay and you can trust the majority of the sellers because there is a great feedback system in place.

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