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General Settings in WordPress

WordPress is very powerful, but if you do not know all that is available at your fingertips then your site might not be as great as it can be. Near the bottom of the menu bar parked along the left of dashboard is a menu named 'Settings' that help make your site exactly what you want it to be. The first option in that menu is 'General'.

There are eleven different options within the 'General Settings' menu. The options with a short description is listed below.

Blog Title – this is the name of your website that is typically seen in the header and is important from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint.

Tagline – short description of your website that is seen on many sites just below the 'Blog Title' in the header. Make this keyword rich because it can be the hook to get people in the proverbial "front door" from a search.

WordPress address (URL) – DNS name of your website.

Blog address (URL) – site home page address different than the WordPress installation directory.

E-mail address – used for admin notifications.

Membership – checkbox to select 'Anyone can register' (deselected by default).

New User Default Role – drop-down selection list to assign a default role to a new user (roles include Subscriber, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor). 'Subscriber' is the default selection.

Timezone – select where you live or would like your site to stay.

Date Format – choose between five options on formatting the date (formats include month day, year , yyyy / mm / dd , mm / dd / yyyy , dd / mm / yyyy , or custom.

As always, please remember to click on the 'Save Changes' button when you are finished.

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