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Five Time Killers That Kill Your Online Productivity

Let's face it. There are many distractions online.

If your work revolves around the Internet – be it building an online business or providing services as a freelancer – chances are your attention will be distracted and you forget what you want to do in the first place along the way.

Sometimes, you do not even know you are distracted! You lose focus so naturally because the Internet is designed in such a way that you can switch focus easily.

Here's a list of time killers that will hinder your online productivity, if not taken care of properly.

1. Surfing – It's so fun and easy to click on the links on the web page and those links will transfer to one page to another – to satisfy your curiosity to find out more. Without you realize, you have spent the last two hours surfing the Internet without a clear purpose. This also includes blogs.

2. Instant Messaging – This is hot. Not only highly popular among teenagers. But it's also widely used in workplace. IM is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your friends and collections. But if this tool is not used with care, you gain more than you work.

3. Hangout in the forums – I just do not get it when I see some people are so free that they participate in every forum thread! Why on earth are they so free! If that's not enough, they will start new forum threads talking about something else. I know this is addictive but you can not be in every forum talking about everything.

4. Checking emails – If you are an Internet marketer, you will know what this means. We always want to check if there are any orders coming in by checking the emails every two seconds. Or we tend to click "Refresh" button to see if someone has written to us.

5. Watching online videos – This is a new form of content and it's very popular. You can not help but want to check out the latest funny video on YouTube or Google Video. When you are there, they will make you stay on the site longer by suggesting to you what you should watch next or give your feedback on the video.

Do you fall into one or more of these traps?

Of course, this is NOT a finite list. To overcome this, you have to plan and stick to your plan. Otherwise your productivity will suffer and you will spend more time on things that do not contribute to your goals.

Discipline and focus come hand in hand to tackle this problem.

Beside that, you can leverage on tools. For example, if you are a writer, you can install software to blank out your screen and force you to focus on your writing and nothing else. Try Dark Room Dark Room or WriteRoom WriteRoom for this purpose. They are great tools to shut off distractions while you write.

Source by Abel Cheng

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