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Does a Reworked Gmail iPad Experience Make the iPad a More Effective Business Tool?



Google recently informed an update that is sure to improve the email experience for iPad users. It is essentially an enhancement that makes using Gmail much more comfortable and convenient on the device. Considering how important email has become over the years, this is something that could really make the iPad more productive and effective as a business tool.

New and Improved iPad – Formatted Gmail

The reworked version of Gmail focuses on one main area, composing email. Google's webmail application is now complete with a full screen for composing messages, allowing the user to volunteer all their attention to the task at hand. It is very likely the program was tweaked due to a few reported nuisances related to the interface. The original interface split the compose window in half, placing your messages to the right of the screen, and social conversations to the left. While many users were initially pleased with faster and more efficient access to email on the iPad, they soon learned that the design made navigation a somewhat difficult task.

Google's iPad – friendly Gmail app boasts more than an optimized writing experience. The update also addresses the issue of scrolling some users complained about. Prior to the reworking of the application, a bug inserted that pretented users from scrolling through an email, particularly if the message was longer than usual. Users can now scroll messages with ease regardless of the length, so enjoying a better overall reading experience. This is another improvement that was based on incoming feedback from customers.

Thanks to the new update, Gmail on the iPad results in a near flawless experience, regardless of whether you prefer the portrait or landscape mode. Concentrating on the message you are writing is easier than ever, and when coupled with the ability to scroll messages without problems, the update definitely qualifies as a welcomed treat. Additionally, the reworking of Gmail enables Google to automatically check for Safari and other account preferences to further optimize the user experience. Of course these are all minor enhancements, but very useful in the minds of those leveraging the iPad's rich email capabilities for business purposes.

More Google Enhancements to Come

Several avid email users will agree that Google's reworked version of Gmail was something the iPad really needed. According to a few reports, more enhancements could be on the way as users continue to voice their opinion in regard to what they would like to see improved on the device. Among them are issues relating to a variety of Google applications such as Google Docs and Reader. Being that Apple sells roughly 1.2. million units on a monthly basis, it is very likely that the search giant will move quickly and deliver the updates needed to keep the user user base content.

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