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Digital Marketing – The Need For Digital Marketing – Avoiding Bad Companies

Digital marketing in context

There are 1.5 billion internet users worldwide, and in the UK alone over 884 million minutes are spent online. Internet sales account for £ 36 billion per year – Brits spend £ 71 per month on average on online goods and services (reference: see below). It is obvious that a digital presence has now become mandatory as opposed to just desirable. But it can be said that to be absent from Google is to be absent from the internet. I would further this by suggesting that to be absent from the first page of Google is to be absent from the internet. Enter digital marketing.

Competition on the internet is fierce. Inadequate digital marketing means low search ranking, poor brand exposure and extremely loss of lucrative revenue streams.

What should I look for in an online marketing company?

If you have an interest in your company succeeding online, achieving a page-1 rank on Google is of the highest concern. There are no secrets – Many companies will try to convince you into thinking that search engine optimization (SEO) is niche and dodgy and only they have the knowledge of 'advanced' link building strategies, etc, etc. These are tactics used to gain dishonest sales.

An honest and professional digital marketing agency will provide accounting and transparency to its services. Vague weekly reports are not enough. Some sort of regular precise update with current progress, assuring clients that goals are being met, is obligatory. In addition, objectives are agreed during several initial meetings, ensuring both parties are happy and confident in the campaign's direction.

An online marketing agency is not the same as a web designer who provides generic SEO!

What benefits are there in hiring a digital marketing agency?

A good agency will maximize the impact of your online marketing to get the best return on your investment. After initial meetings, they should get on with their job and leave you to do what you do best – run your business! Most importantly, the solution should be tailored to your needs and objectives, amplifying the power of your marketing campaign just like the generic solutions will not!

Source by Rob L Douglas

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