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Creating Online Content to Advertise, to Network and to Earn

Today I will show you some nice tricks and tips to create an online content network that will bring you visitors, customers, leads, sales, money and everything else that has not been mentioned. Do not get me wrong this is not a tutorial for one who is not willing to work to get what he wants. Just like building and promoting your own site, content networking will take time to pay of. But once you got your little network set up you will be able to earn from it, and use it to promote your new sites or content.

So we need to build a online content network?
Kind of, by creating this article on ezinearticles I have again created online content that will be linked to related content in my network. On a normal dynamic website one would build, lets take "best-freewebhosts.Com" as an example he would need to stick to a series of keywords. It is not relevant that the owner of such a website would be posting an article on his website about dogs if you understand. When you do build a content network you will need to create content that can be linked with other articles, but still does not have the same keywords. For example I can write an article about paid hosting services to link it a computer / tech related content. This way you silently create a network of keywords that are related. And most people who are done reading something will probably check out the related content. The idea is to keep the same visitor to go trough your network of content as long as possible. So this automatically means the more content you have, the better! But always remember that quality content is important, very important!

What are the general advantages of building such a network?

  • When you launch a new site, you immediately create a stream of visitors to your new website.
  • You create backlinks for every content page you own online
  • You will rise in search engine rankings
  • You can advertise on the pages in your content network, which brings you more income
  • When someone surfs your network he will surely find something that interests him. He is a potent (affiliate) customer

There are more more advantages. But they are less general, you will come across more and more advantages when you continue to read: p

How do I create an online network?
It's simple! If you know something, just create an article of your discovery, wisdom, intelligence, trick, tip or great tool you own! But before you can start you will need to know where you can create such content quickly. Ezinearticles is a great example. But there are more more similar sites and options to pick from.

I am sure you know what YouTube is, it's a video site where people can upload video content. YouTube has millions and millions of unique visitors every day. And all of them are looking for something, it's more than just a site to view funny or music video's. You can use YouTube as promotional tool. And since some time it is also possible to display your Google AdSense ads on your YouTube pages. You will need to provide them with your AdSense publisher ID. The description of your YouTube video should state what the video does, also add in some keywords, choose a relevant title and include some "interesting links" in your description to keep viewers of your video, in your network! I have one very successful video with 10 000 views which brings other content in my network over 20 visitors each week! Imagine what a brilliant video with 1 million views would generate in advertising income combined with new visitors for your other content! Another smart idea is to create, again a network of related video's on YouTube.

Ad-sharing websites and communities
There are loads of websites that give the option of ad-sharing. Meaning that when you create an article, you can put your own Google AdSense ads on them. There are also multiple forums that ad-share with there users. I used to be a member of one but I do not remember the name! However, finding these sites is not that hard! You could try out Squidoo, this is an website community that let's its users advertise on the content they write. It's a very tight community too. That's why it is important to deliver a decent article for them too read. If they like it you can expect your single page can reach a page rank of up to 7 and get load's and loads of visitors. Another less know site that uses ad-sharing is hubpages which also is a tight community website! A quick Google will probably find you more site's like community sites like this.

Free hosted content
I do not like free hosting content that good for building a content network. Because it takes time, but of course it is still an option to expand your content network. I will add some good free web hosts later!

Ahhh blogging! It is a very good tool to create content! When you do create a blog, do not keep adding more and more articles to your blog, and keep the keywords on your blog very nearly related. Be sure to create a suitable name for your blog. If your blog is about computer tricks, try out if "computer tricks" is taken. You could try "tricklife" after, or even "techtricks" get my point? The name is very important. Make sure you do not add to many categories and tags. About 5 to 10 is more then enough. Instead of writing one long article like I am doing now. Split it up in multiple "posts" to keep your reader interested.

As dumb as it may sound, it is a good thing to be a member of a couple of forums related to your content network. I noticed I get 100 unique views in my content network just caused by being a member on two forums. Just Google a keyword and add "forum" behind. And join, keep in mind to put safe your good content to put on blogs, ad-sharing sites, video or other sites instead of on the forum. Afterwards you could probably post about your content and they will all visit and appreciate it. The best thing about a forum is the people you get to know. Personal contacts with similar goals. Which can help you promote your content. While you do the same for him. Or something different for him!
Bookmarking sites & communities
Make sure you enter some of your best articles to social bookmarking sites. It's a great way for more publicity and visitors
That was about it!
When you have a good online content network you will notice that every page you add can hold links to other content you created, did you notice how many examples from the hosting world I used? It's because my next big project will be a site to list webhosting services! Always write smart articles … Hide subliminal messages inside, it's not a dirty trick … It's called professional content writing! I hope you enjoyed it!

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