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Cpanel Hosting – User Friendly and Feature Packed



If you have a web hosting account, chances are it includes some type of interface known as a control panel. Some of the more popular web hosting control panels include Plesk, Ensim, H-Sphere and cPanel. CPanel certainly has the most market share and for good reason, it is the most user-friendly, comprehensive web hosting control panel available.

Back in the ancient days of web hosting, if you need to add a POP account or create a sub-domain, you needed to telnet into the server and type a command or request that a server admin do this for you. This type of functionality has long ago been replaced by control panels like cPanel. Nowadays, anyone with a cPanel hosting account can simply log-in to the web based interface and in a few clicks set up a POP account or an email forwarder or even an autoresponder.

Email functionality is just the tip of the iceberg with cPanel. Once you're logged in to your cPanel hosting interface, you can use it to create additional FTP accounts, mySQL Databases or a range of other services. If you need to create subdomains or add-on domains for example, that functionality is built right in. In just a few clicks you can complete tasks that would have required a thorough understanding of UNIX commands.

One of the more convenient portions of the cPanel hosting interface is the scripts installation area. Here you can install software directly into your cPanel hosting account with just a few easy clicks. Whether it's a WordPress Blog or a Guestbook program or a simple web page counter, it does not get much easier than the point and click simplicity that cPanel offers.

To make things even simpler for those of you new to cPanel hosting, the latest version of cPanel even includes video tutorials for each section of its interface. Now it's possible for even the newest of newbies to sit down at his or her computer and be taken by the hand, step-by-step through the cPanel interface to complete whatever tasks they need to accomplish. We've come a long way baby!

You're certainly welcome to host your site with a company that uses a control panel other than cPanel, but I think you're missing out on quite a bit of functionality and ease of use. CPanel hosting plans will offer you the most user friendly, feature rich web hosting experience available today.

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