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Article Marketing – Secrets to Generate Traffic to Your Website to Boost Your Business

Article marketing is writing about a topic and distributing articles which comprise back links to the website that you wish to promote. It is one of the most popular online marketing tools to promote any business, their products and services. Article Marketing is very effective to get more traffic to your website. Start to write an article with a title. This is one of the most significant parts of any article. The title must convince the reader to read the whole article. Title should be brief, catchy, compelling and direct to the point. Use relevant keywords in the title of your article.

The first three words in the title must tell readers the essence of your article and also what information you have. If your title fails to grab reader's attention, then they will not continue to read your article. So no one will reach your resource box and absolutely there will not be any traffic to your website. Use a longer phrase in your title so that the search engines rank your website in higher position.

Begin your articles with the keywords that are best suitable to your product or service. You should focus on the purpose of creating the article. Divide your articles into short paragraphs so that your readers will understand your ideas more easily. The first paragraph should contain the most important and interesting information. Use bullets, list and subheadings to make your article legitimate.

Keep your article between 250 to 600 words in length. The most important thing of an article is that target viewers seeking for information in a particular niche should read the article. Your content should associate with your title. Do not write length lengths as it would irritate the reader. Be informative and do not divert from the topic you have chosen. Consistently creating an article with solid content will bring you to the status of an expert author.

Make sure that the keyword is in the content of the article you're writing. If your article has the relevant keywords to the topic, Google finds your article by the search engine and place it on the first page so that your article gets massive traffic. No need to pay for this advertising. If you provide useful tips in your article, then readers will get impressed and they will click on your link that you have placed in your resource box. Pay attention to the quality of the content and check the spelling and grammar of your article before submitting it to the article.

Once the article is written, start submitting your articles to article directories that will share it to millions of websites. Doing Google search you can find many free article directories and paid ones. You can submit articles online in any number of free article directories. This will increase your article marketing efforts and bring a lot of traffic to your website from potential customers. So keep submitting your articles on a regular basis … Every article should contain a resource box, which includes information about the author. It is where you promote your product or website. This should contain your name, the link of your website and a call to action, which convinces the reader to click the link to buy your product. This will boost your websites rankings and bring more and more traffic. It is advisable that you do not include an email address for contact.

Maintain a record of all the articles you write and where they are submitted and the links you placed to your website from these articles, so that if there is any change, you can update your article and resubmit it. Now you have learned how to write an article. So start writing some articles and get the benefits of article marketing. I hope that this article will help you to compose any article of your choice.

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