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Are You an Affiliate Marketing Newbie?



If you're like me, and are just getting into affiliate marketing, then as Perry Belcher says "We're SCREWED!" But not necessarily, because there are a lot resources out there that can help you and me become profitable from the internet. First, lets start with how this whole thing got started. Although the idea, of selling a product for another company or individual has been out there forever, affiliate marketing just started getting big around 2004.

Now what tools and resources as a novice do we need to get stared as an affiliate marketer? Lets start with some tools to help us search some keywords to target. These several sites are dedicated to helping you figure out if some keywords to use especially if you are creating websites or pages to target specific affiliate programs. Try the Google AdWords keyword tool, great thing about Google AdWords, is that it is free to use. Some other good keyword tools to use are Keyword Elite 2.0 which is one is the best pay per click programs out there. There is a cost to using this but do your research! If you find it useful to what you are doing go for it.

But wait! I do not know what affiliate program to sell !? Well if this is the case, a great affiliate marketing resource are affiliate program directories. These directories are very useful for you to find some affiliate programs, that you may want to align yourself with. With directories like associateprograms.com, or affiliates directory.com, they both have thousands of different affiliate programs to search from. Most of us though, already have a program or product in mind that we want to market.

If you are going to be operating an affiliate marketing website, you are going to need to purchase domain names. Probably the most famous of them, is Godaddy.com. They're about $ 9.99 and sometimes less. Funny thing about Godaddy.com there are more famous for their commercials than what they actually do. Anyways, other great places to get domain names are name cheap.com, and proud names.com. They also great resources to use to purchase domain names.

OK, as an affiliate marketing novice, there are a lot of products out there that you may want to market. There are places called Affiliate Networks. Affiliate networks manage the affiliate programs for hundreds or even thousands of companies. Basically they make it easier for you by combining payment from multiple programs into one check, and also giving you one place to manage all of your different affiliate marketing campaigns. I personally am using clickbank.com because they deal exclusively with downloadable products. There is also Commissionjunction.com which is one of the largest affiliate networks, with a wide variety of programs.

As a newbie all this stuff may be overwhelming. It sometimes is still overwhelming for me. But do not worry. If you are dedicated to what you want, and passionate about about changing your situation in life this will become easy. Just keep your eye on the prize and you get to where you want to be in your business. Whether it be making, making $ 300.00 a week or $ 3000.00 a month it is all possible by doing good research, and being focused and determined to getting what you want. Hopefully, this was helpful to all of you who read it, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave some. Lets stop being affiliate marketing novices, to becoming affiliate marketing experts. The Great thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not even need to be the expert to make money !!!

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