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7 Must Know Rules For Website Designers



Today, many internet tools or software are available to help and guide users to create a website in a blink of eye. Even new webmasters or non-IT knowledge users may be able to master it in no time. However, to create and design a good website is not as easy as it looks. There are a few simple rules that one can follow to help uplift the quality of your website and hopefully to attract more visitors to surf or linger a little longer on your website.

1. Maintain your site at light load

Basically, if your website is full with images and animations, it will take time to load your website. Transmission time will direct proportional transmission speed. When your website is heavy in term of kB, it will direct affected transmission time. But now, this problem is not so obviously due to high internet connection speed. Although, you are advised to keep your website file size less than 100kB.

2. Put more eye-catchy gadgets into your website

Commonly, people are much attracted by the first impression on something. It is not simple as you think. Too much decorations will make your websites over-exaggerated, and too little will make your websites dull. You are advised to use simple and nice decorations which are able to deliver the meanings of your website to surfers.

3. Proper arrangement in content and practice multiple pages creation

To avoid people get boring with your website, do not put all the words in single page, especially your website is full with words. An ideal website will have a proper arrangement for contents (arranged according to topics) on different pages. Always practice to create multiple pages for different topics as this will enhance the search engine traffic.

4. Avoid create wide pages

A very important rule to make your website more interesting is never create pages which is too long until scroll bar is needed. Try maintaining your table below 770-780 pixels in width. Whatever you do, avoid creating pages that require a horizontal scroll bar. This is critical as wide pages will make surfers difficult to read.

5. Avoid using too much AV gadgets

First of all, you must understand what kind of websites you going to set up. If you go to set up entertainment site, it will be good to attach gadgets like bells, whistles, sounds, moving graphics, etc. Otherwise, try minimize using these especially information websites as it will annoy surfers and eventually leave your site.

6. Make sure navigation easy accessible

Sometimes, it will be frustrating if you can not find the navigation key in the website. To make your website convenient, you are advised to include easy accessible links, preferred on left hand side of the page. Also, ensure the navigation consistent across the pages.

7. Use simple and easy readable text

Avoid using text which is too big or too small as this will make surfers difficult to read. Contrast color between background and text also important. Always use dark text and light background. For websites, you are advised to use font like Arial or Verdana as these fonts are more readable on computer screens.

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