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5 Ways to Gain More Blog Readers

There are many ways to gain readers to your blog but what I will share to you in this article are the best ways I used in my blogs and these ways are also recommended by other professional bloggers.

5 Ways to Gain More Blog Readers:

1. Detailed Blog Title

The title of your blog is the one being displayed on search engine once being search so your blog title must be clear for search engine crawlers. Most importantly, it must be clear to readers, try not to use acronyms with your title. A title like "A Piece of Idea" is much better than just "APOI".

2. Contents must be originally yours

Your ideas may be the same from other professional blogger or perhaps you have just read it from a blog but if you wanted to rewrite it for yourself, it is much better if you write it in your own words. Remember that bloggers are also readers and once they noticed that your introduction is just the same from what they have read, they will certainly not read the rest of the post.

3. Use Search Engine Friendly URLs (Permalinks)

One way to gain traffic is to be enlisted in search engine results. If you have read some SEO tips, it is said that most search engine or permits all search engine crawl permalinks (post1.html) faster than query stringed urls (index.php? P = 1). If you are using wordpress, I would recommend that you change your URL settings.

4. Enlist blog to free web directories.

One way of getting a higher pagerank is being listed by top ranked websites. And the more ranked sites that link to your blog, the higher the pagerank we get for your blog. To do this, you should submit your blog to hundreds of free web directories available.

5. Submit post to social bookmarking sites

Another way of increasing traffic is to submit new post to social bookmarking sites like technorati or del.icio.us. You can submit post automatically using various paid wordpress plugins and other subscriptions. However, there are also free tools provided in web that can help you submit your post automatically to social bookmarking sites.

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