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5 Resell Rights Tips For Maximum Profits

As all the top internet marketers will tell you, the REAL money is selling your own products. Buying products with resell rights and selling them on the web is great way to do that. The most attractive part about digital products with Resell Rights is; as a reseller, you get to keep 100% of the profits. For those who have decided to take this step, I've put together a list of 5 tips to help you maximize your profits.

Sweeten the Pot With Freebies

You can increase sales by offering related products as an additional bonus on your sales page. Throwing in more bonuses without detracting from your primary product provides what's called "added value" and is a good incentive for prospective customers to purchase from you as opposed to other resellers.

Give Your Customers a Chance to Make Money Too

People buy information products to solve a problem, or learn how to do something. But if you offer them a product that they can sell themselves, you're giving them a tool that they can actually make money with. A product that will "pay for itself" is a powerful incentive to buy. Just make sure your product's license allows you to pass along resell rights to your customers.

Earn Extra Money From "Back-End" Sales

Selling is all about the power of emotions. If you were successful in getting your customers excited enough to pull the trigger and buy your product, they'll be more likely to purchase an additional product, especially if it ties in with your primary product and compliments it. This also works well if you offer it at a special, discounted price.

Give Them an Extra Surprise Bonus

Here's where you want to "over-deliver" for your customers. Giving them an unexpected, free bonus after the sale is done will go a long way in building trust and credibility. Your customer will feel like they made a smart decision by buying your product, and they'll be more likely to buy from you again. They'll probably even recommend you to other people.

Keep In Touch!

If your customer felt comfortable enough to buy from you the first time, there's no reason why they should not buy another product (or products) from you. Do not settle for a one-time purchase. Every customer is a valuable resource for future sales. Make sure you capture your customer's email address so you can continue to market your other products to them. If they find value your first product, they'll definitely look forward to your coming suggestions, or offers.

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