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3 Key Things You Must Do To Appear Like A Corporate Company From Your Kitchen Table



Working from home may seem like small potatoes, but you can earn big money if you can present yourself like the big boys. I'd like to show you 3 simple things that you can do to make your customers think that you are a large corporation instead of a home based business.

I'm a distributor for two different companies, basically, I'm a customer service rep that fields calls in my home and then I collect a check from the company for the sales that I generated. It's pretty simple, really, and very profitable. In the eyes of my customers, I AM the company. If I ask my customer who they ordered from, most of them say, "I order directly from the company." Wow, what a compliment.

The first thing you MUST do is invest in a good website. If you do not already have one you can pay large amounts of money to a web design company or you can do it yourself. I've taken the cheaper route and did my own site. There are many options out there for the money thrifty business people, like me. GoDaddy has a do-it-yourself program called Website Tonight. They provide you with templates and easy step by step, fill in the blanks, type programming. The cost is under $ 20 a month and if you take your time putting it together, you can even impress those hard to please customers. Note of caution, keep it simple and in plain English. Too many bells and whistles on the website may deter future customers.

One of the easiest things that you can do right now to "appear" bigger than you are is getting a toll free phone number. It's as simple as calling your local phone company and requesting one. Most companies supply 888, 877 or 866 numbers without a fee. Once you have a toll free number, your customers can call you for free and you pay for the call. This is especially important if you have out of town customers. If your phone company charges to issue a toll free number you can search Google for toll free numbers and find a company like ECG that offers these numbers for free, and you also receive very low per minute rates.

Finally you need to answer your calls with professionalism. Now that you have a nice website and a toll free number, it's time to answer your phone and create the atmosphere of a customer service department of a company. I always answer my phone by saying, "Good morning, this is Debbie, how may I help you?". The way you answer the call sets the stage for the direction of the conversation. If you just say "Hello" the person on the other end, who thought they were calling a "business" may say that they called the wrong number, apologize and hang up. So again, this is really important that you give the right first impression. By this time the person should have visited your website, liked what they saw, called the toll free number and is expecting to inquire about your product or service with the intent of completing a sale or business agreement.

Follow these simple steps and you will be on the path to competitiveness with big companies. It never surprises me how many people think they are calling the corporate office for the companies that I am a distributor for. These few things will set you apart from your competition.

Source by Debbie Acker

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