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WordPress Comment Spam


It needs some hard work to build a blog side with WordPress script. There was lots of process you might go through with. Like, from your keyword research to your content building. Then only your WordPress based website is online and ready to serve your visitors. All of this process might have been consumed your precious time. This is the first stage of any website.

Then you took another step to bring traffic on your website and you let the other people know about your website by marketing it or promoting it.

When visitors start coming to your website then of course there are good visitors and there are a few bad visitors will visit your website. Bad visitors: in the sense that they made irrelevant comment on your WordPress blog. Their only intention is to get back link to their website or try to promote unethical products.

Sometime they hijack your blog site by posting continuous auto messages by using some type script. This is really annoying for the blog owners. I am one of the victims of this kind of hijacking or I called it junk messages. But the correct terminology for these messages is spamming or comment spam. I have some blogs running since 5 years and you can imagine since how long I am bearing this all.

You can not believe one of my regular tasks is to delete all these comments. It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish between genuine comments and the spam comments. Until one month back I installed WordPress famous plug-in "Akismet", which is famous for protecting spamming of comments.

I was so busy in other work, that I am unable to realize that I am not getting those emails for "spam messages" in my Inbox. Until today I got one message and just opened it and found only one comment to moderate. Then look my head and said to myself, what is going on? When I look around and found out that "Akismet Spam" tab is showing 268 spam comments. Oh My God! What a relief.

Source by Mohammed Amerullah Qureshi

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