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How To Use SEO With WordPress Blogs


Internet marketing today is much different than it was years ago. If you had a simple understanding of HTML, it was possible to create a website and sell your products, achieving a high ranking on the search engines without that much effort. As Internet marketing has evolved, people have moved away from HTML websites and are using WordPress blogs for the products that they sell. It is much easier to regularly update your blog, and achieve higher rankings for specific keywords, using all that WordPress has to offer.

In this article, we will look at specific strategies that you can use to ensure that your on-site marketing efforts will help you achieve highest rankings in the search engines.

Understanding On-site And Off-site SEO

There are two different types of search engine optimization techniques that you need to use when you are trying to rank well in the search engines. Off-site optimization entails the use of obtaining backlinks from multiple locations on the web with links pointing back to your primary webpage. By using an assortment of different words for your hyperlink text, you can quickly improve your overall rankings by accumulating hundreds or thousands of backlinks pointing to your site. Although this strategy does have its merits, it is also important to do proper on-site optimization.

This involves using unique text for your content, creating a silo structure or category structure for your WordPress blog, and also doing what is called interlinking, a process by which you connect all of the pages on your site creating easy navigation for both visitors and search engine spiders that will index your page. There are two ways that you can quickly implement SEO on your WordPress blog. This is by using the proper themes and plug-ins. Let's take a look at what themes and plug-ins are, and how you can use them to your benefit.

Using WordPress Themes To Improve Your SEO

Although most people associate WordPress themes with simply being able to change the appearance of your website on-the-fly, they also play a large role in proper search engine optimization. By using a theme that loads very quickly, it can improve your chances of ranking higher as a result of having a faster loading time. Additionally, different themes have different layouts, some of which are much easier to navigate than others. By having an easy to navigate theme installed, visitors to your website may actually stay longer, reducing your bounce rate.

Your bounce rate is the length of time that visitors spend on your website. If they go quickly, your bounce rate is high. If they stay longer, your bounce rate is low. By having a WordPress theme that motivates people to stay longer, you can also increase your search engine ranking, then effectively implementing SEO by choosing the proper theme.

Using WordPress Plug-Ins To Improve Your SEO

The easiest way to improve your search engine positioning with a WordPress blog is to use the proper plug-ins. These are scripts which can help you achieve certain effects on your site which are activated and configured within the WordPress settings. One of the best ones to use is the All in One SEO Pack, a plug-in that is designed to optimize your WordPress blog for the search engines automatically.

By installing and activating this plug-in, and making a couple configurations, your WordPress blog will be properly optimized for the search engine bots, allowing it to have a higher probability of achieving first page rankings.

Although there are many other strategies that can be used with your WordPress blog to improve your on-site SEO, and many other plug-ins that are designed to optimize blogs with WordPress, you should be able to improve your chances for ranking for specific keywords on the search engines today.

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