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Easiest Way to Make a Man Orgasm – Tips on How to Make a Guy Ejaculate


By far the easiest way to make a man orgasm is to give him fellatio (oral), not only is this the fastest way but it also gives him the best orgasm that you could ever provide.

If you have never given oral sex to a man and are a bit worried then the first of the tips on how to make a guy ejaculate is for you.

1. The first thing to do is make sure that he is clean so just make sure you give him fallatio after showering or a bath. Also when sucking make sure that your teeth stay well away from his manhood (ouch). Finally when a guy gets over excited he tends to push at you so to save yourself from choking always keep a protective hand around his shaft during oral. OK that's the safety out of the way.

2. When you get down to it do not just suck him or else it gets tiresome pretty quickly. So vary what you do also vary the length of your sucks and throw in some licks for good measure. If you want to make your man ejaculate fast then use short fast sucks to the very tip of his penis, if you want to tease him and make it last then use long deep sucks.

3. Another brilliant way of making a man orgasm is to give him a fallatio at a time he does not expect it. The adrenaline rush he gets from this triggers massive male orgasms. So next time you are in a fairly empty cinema you know what to do.

So if your man finds it hard to ejaculate then use oral sex because fallatio is the easiest way to make a man orgasm.

Source by Michael Harradine

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