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9 Easy Steps to Changing Your Domain Name Servers (DNS)


You have decided to start your own website, you have purchased a domain name, and now you want to point the name to a different hosting company. To do this you have to transfer your files to your new host by changing your Domain Name Servers DNS.

When you purchase your new domain name your host will provide you with your domain name server details usually by email. File and keep this in a safe place, better still make a hard copy, because if you ever decide to change your hosting you will need this information.

The DNS "Domain Name Server you have just purchased will automatically point to the registrars parked page.You will not need to change your DNS if you have purchased both your domain name and hosting from the same registrar.

But what happens if your hosting is not with the same company where you purchased your domain name? If this was the case your registrar would not know where your site is hosted and your site would not show online.

This is easily fixed, all you have to do is point your registrar towards your hosting company and just link them together.

How to Change your name servers

1. Go to your registrars home page ie GoDaddy

2. Log-in and go to your account

3. Then find "Manage Domains" or something similar and click on this.

4. Select the domain you want to transfer

5. Look for the button marked nameservers / manage nameservers.

6.You will now be given the option to change your nameservers

7. Click on "Custom Nameservers" It may be a little different with your registrar for example, "Edit Nameservers / manage nameservers" etc.

8. A new page will appear and you will see that the current nameserver settings are already filled in.

9. Delete these nameservers and replace them with the nameservers provided by your new hosting company.

Remember the details were sent to you by email and you kept them in a safe place. Right !!

That's it, done! How easy was that?

Source by Liz Canney

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