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Web Proxy Sites – What Domains to Use and Where to Buy Them



Where to Buy Domains for Your Proxy
This is the easy bit – generally the cheapest for especially.info sites is GoDaddy.com followed by namecheap.com. Watch out for specials and always buy bulk, it makes a big difference. For example if you buy 6 or more.info sites from GoDaddy, you will be paying less that a dollar a site.

What type of Domain to buy for your Proxy Site
Now the tough bit – should you buy .info, .com etc. As always, it depends! There are some basic differences:

a) .info proxy sites are blocked automatically in some countries or within some businesses or schools.
b) the difference in cost is significant – .info often under a dollar, .com can cost ten times that.

So what you need to decide is what you want the site for. Is it to build a site via SEO that you want to keep for the long term then.com is the answer. The extra cost is spread over a much greater periods income.

In passing the extra traffic effect from having a.com appears real but minimal based on some experiments I did. If you need a site that is a one off, quick use site – which most are, .info is the answer. What I mean by that is income from most sites occur right at the beginning of its life. After the first few days of life sites quickly became blocked by countries, schools and organizations so it is super important to make your break even as low as possible.

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