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Ways to Make Extra Money – Tips to Get Started With ClickBank!

If you are a newbie to Internet marketing then one of the easiest and quickest ways to make extra money is to become an affiliate – alert commission by promoting a vendor's products. The most popular affiliate program is run by ClickBank – the world's largest provider of digital products.

Tip 1 – Signing up

When you sign up to ClickBank, you will have to give an email address. It is advisable to have a separate email account for your ClickBank transactions, other than your personal email address. This will help you easily keep track of your new business correspondence such as sales, newsletters and training sessions that ClickBank will allow you access to. It will also help you establish which ways to make extra money are your most profitable. You will also be asked to create an account nickname between 5 and 10 digits. This will appear in your affiliate links, so think carefully about what you would like it to be. You could link it to your email address or business name to keep it relevant and memorable.

Tip 2 – Finding products to sell

Critical to your ClickBank success is choosing the right product to sell. From the home page, click on Marketplace, from where you can begin your search. There are three ways to go about it:

If you know the sort of product you would like to promote, simply type it into the search bar eg paid surveys, dog training, natural remedies etc. A list of products containing those keywords will appear below.

If you do not have a specific product type in mind but have an idea of ​​the sort of category you are interested in, click on "category" on the left hand side of the screen. You will see a list of categories, most of which have several sub-categories. At the present time of writing there are 23 categories and a total of 248 sub – categories. So in amidst this extensive list there are thousands of ways to make extra money and at least one of them is bound to be of interest to you!

Still not sure? Head over to the Featured Marketplace, click on the ad just above where it says Categories on the left hand side. Here you will see a selection of products divided into featured products, top performers and new products.

Tip 3 – Understanding the Stats

ClickBank offers a great help center and is a good place to start to find your way around the system. The important thing to understand is the stats. Underneath each product name in your search, is a brief description, followed by the stats section:

Initial sale reflects to the price paid by the customer.

Average% sale means the% of that sale that you will receive in commission. The maximum paid on ClickBank is 75%. Ideally, you are looking for a product that pays at least 50% commission.

Gravity is the most telling statistic of all. Gravity is a score that ClickBank assigns to each affiliate product according to their secret formula. It has to do with how many sales and how recently those sales have occurred. High gravity means that affiliates are making a lot of commissions on sales. Low gravity means low sales. So the gravity is an important measure of how successful a product is. You do not want to select the product with highest gravity because that also means that there will be the highest number of competitors selling that product. It would be very difficult for you to start with a product that has so much competition.

Following these tips will get you off to a successful start with ClickBank in your search to find ways to make extra money.

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