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Time To Leave Your Current Web Host



Leave your current web host when their services turn bad. Definitely, there is nothing much you can do at your side. Some hosting is growing fast, and others is dying fast. Find the right hosting.

Five years in web hosting industry, and recent two years in running web hosting reviews. I had come across lots of good web hosting and also bad web hosting. Some web hosting company is good, and later turn out to be bad, poor service, and try to rip off the new customer. Beware and make sure you know when its time to leave the current hosting.

First sign, website problem. There will be more website downtime that usual. And the website will be running slow. The cause of this can be that they are over selling the accounts and packed too many users on the server. Trying to cut cost and optimized the profit.

Second sign, when the customer support is not reachable frequently and always late in replying email ticket. This is the second sign. When on averagely the service quality drop, there will be lots more other users complaining to the technical support. And they will be so busy to answer each of the email. Usually they will just delete it off. If your email ticket got deleted, you are mostly at this stage.

Third and final sign, search online for similar user problem. And usually at the hosting forum, you will find similar complaints. If that's what you are seeing, and there is no action taken to fixed your current problem. Time to pack your website and move out. There is no point to royal to these hosting.

How to move to new web hosting? Definitely you need to search a new web hosting, the best web hosting. And next, sign up to this new hosting, and move your website content over. Once its done, redirect the domain name to this new host, and follow by domain transfer. Its will not take more than 7 days. And its simple as that.

Stick to the dying hosting and praying your website will running 24/7, or simply change to new hosting provider. Probably take less than 20 minutes of works: including sign up and transferring website content.

Source by Andy Tao

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