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The Best Place to Purchase Domain Names


You want to buy a domain name; great that is the first step. Now you have to decide from which of the over three hundred sites you should purchase your domain from. Usually the first site that comes to mind is GoDaddy.com. That is perfectly fine; GoDaddy.com pays a large sum in marketing in order to attain such widespread name recognition. 95% of the time GoDaddy.com will work just fine for purchasing your domain name; however, this is not the site that I would need to recommend.

GoDaddy.com would not be my first recommendation because they have some odd terms and conditions that, to summarize, claim that their company will have more rights to the domain name than many business people and internet marketers believe to be fair – including myself. As a result of this, many internet marketers do not use GoDaddy.com because of the control issues associated with the terms and conditions.

I would recommend that your business picks-up a free domain name from the web host you select to utilize. The majority of web hosting plans comes with a few free domain names; therefore, I would suggest that you condense everything into one step and save some money along the way. I personally would urge you to us Liquid Web, a website that provides the option of buying both the domain name and the hosting service – making your domain live. Liquid Web offers a 1 GB disk space, 120 GB transfer, and 2 free domains all for the low price of $ 14.95. They also offer many other option filled packages. You will also be able to build upon the start-up packaged priced at $ 14.95. Think about it, a domain name itself usually costs about seven to ten dollars, sounds like a good deal to me.

If Liquid Web did not quite spark your interest, look into 1and1.com to purchase your domain name and web-hosting site. As long as you do not have a large amount of traffic, 1and1.com will work great for your company. They offer good deals and free domain names, similar to Liquid Web. Head over to nlprofits.com and you can get some great deals for domain names and view reviews on other great companies to work with when purchasing domain names for your business.

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